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The Proof That PQ (Positive Intelligence) Really Works

The PQ Program is app-based and coach-facilitated. It installs the foundational pillars of mental fitness within a seven-week timeframe, generating lasting new mental habits. From there, your team can customize a PQ-Powered Teams plan to fit your unique needs. In 2022, a Fortune 100 tech firm seized the opportunity to improve individual wellbeing and, in turn, foster better relationships and performance.

Across the firm’s global workforce, 3,200 employees in more than 50 countries completed the PQ Program.

  • 93% say they manage stress better

  • 70% feel more engaged at work

  • Nearly 70% say their work relationships have improved

  • 97% have strengthened their emotional intelligence

Across the board, participants in our PQ-Powered Teams program are:

  • 47% likelier to say that their colleagues are trustworthy

  • 34% likelier to feel a sense of ownership and commitment to the company

  • 65% likelier to say that the company supports risk-taking

  • 49% likelier to say that the company fosters innovation

If you would like to learn more about how PQ can help you and your organisation please book a free Discovery session now.

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