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The Leap

Make the Leap Happen with ribbit consulting

ribbit consulting delivers a unique combination of Business and Sales Advisory with Executive Coaching and Emotional Intelligence training to help our clients grow to their next level individually and as world class companies and sales teams.

From launching a new B2B product or Software-as-a-Service to cross and up selling into new markets and territories, we deliver increased and better qualified pipelines, more profitable contracts and simplified sales cycles with higher win rates and repeat business.

Using a unique best practice methodology to address the most common sales issues we help our clients leap to their next level.

Customer Testimonial 

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Daniel Lawrence
Bots For That

"There are only a few people you can really speak to as a founder. Antony acted as a sounding board and gave me, in a non pushy way, a clear laser focus on my priorities to solve my own problems by asking the right questions"

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Business Growth

Sales Advisory

Helping Clients Cross The Chasm


Business Growth

We work with clients who are starting, running and growing their business, made harder with many distractions, key decision points, and conflicting priorities, to help them reach the next level.

With over 30 years experience, we have faced and resolved many of the issues you might be confronted with to grow your business.

Working closely alongside Founders and the 'C' suite for start-up organisations and enterprises we help you avoid the potential pitfalls and deliver ways to accelerate your business growth.

Sales Advisory


Successful Sales Teams are Reliant on Two Major Factors to be Productive and Successful:

  1. Smart Repeatable Processes to Promote Best Practice and Discipline

  2. Motivated and Mentally Resilient People with High Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

But with less than 58% of salespeople hitting their targets and 95% of purchasing decisions driven by emotions have you got your sales approach and people fully functioning and productive?


On top of this motivation levels are at an all time low and salespeople churn is at an all time high.

This forms the core of our client engagement as it is often how you sell your product or service that is the most challenging part of running your business.​


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Executive Coaching 

Emotional Intelligence Training

Finding Optimal Performance, Productivity and Motivation


Executive Coaching

Through a combination of specialist training in psychodynamic executive coaching, I take founders and their companies to the next level.

Executive coaching uses a technique of carefully thought out questions and hypotheses to help you get clarity and focus you sometimes feel is missing.

Each coaching session ends up with a set of targeted goals and commitments helping to drive you and your company to its full potential.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Selling software in today's market is tough with sales teams being pushed to their mental limits.

For any company to meet shareholder, investor, or market expectations sales teams need to be mentally focused, resilient, and agile.

But, in the normal competitive world of sales, less than 58% of salespeople hit their targets.


Our training program delivers daily practices backed up with focused coaching sessions to strengthen the three core muscles of mental fitness resulting in lasting positive habits that improve well-being, and sales performance.


The results speak for themselves:

  • 97% have strengthened their emotional intelligence (EQ)

  • 93% say they manage stress better

  • 70% feel more engaged at work

  • 70% say their work relationships have improved


Client Testimonials

sales and marketing advisory

It was great working with Antony, he was able to understand our requirements quickly and identify key areas of focus, particularly with regards to developing customer relationships, prioritising and strategies for growth. He listens, supports and empowers you to take ownership and enjoy the sales and marketing process. His combination of business consulting and coaching was a real benefit.

Helen Watson - Director @ Innova Design

sales best practice methodology

Antony has worked with me and my business on a number of occasions as a consultant and a coach and I am impressed with his ability to quickly understand a complex business situation and bring teams together to make the most of an opportunity. He always has a relevant real world example on hand to bring hypothetical scenarios to life and help solve difficult problems.

Craig Willis - CEO @ Skore

sales go to market best practice

Antony is a solid, seasoned commercial professional that delivers rapid results from a standing start. He builds strong relationships across internal and external stakeholders, implementing fast go-to-market strategies that leverage his far-reaching network and include well-honed measurement and analytics tools. On a personal level, Antony exhibits integrity and passion for his role, is a true team player and inspires across many levels of an organisation. A pleasure to work with, and learn from.

Karen Quinn - Global Head of Marketing @ AimBrain

sales best practice training

Antony is a sales pro. He provides insightful and spot on advice on all aspects of sales and the sales process. An advisor you can trust.

Gary Davies - Commercial Director Public Sector @ Empactis

sales negotiation training

We engaged Antony to help us with a specific sales opportunity to an organisation in a sector we were not familiar with which made us feel out of our depth. Through the use of Antony's PRINCE analytical model this brought insight and clarity to the discussion and walked us through and challenged our understanding of the opportunity. The last thing Antony pushed us on was, "what's the value proposition, why should they buy from TalkFreely and not the other vendors". Remarkably, the last thing the vendor panel said was "we've only got a couple of minutes before we need to wrap up this presentation, help us out, what's the TalkFreely value proposition, help us position your organisation" – we were fully prepared. We won the deal and the feedback was that they appreciated our candid and clear response to that last question (which we assume they asked all of the vendors)

Michael Allen - Co-Founder @ TalkFreely

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jim fell.jpeg

Antony is a constant source of inspiration with boundless knowledge of software sales and business development allowing him to quickly appraise and identify the best commercial opportunities to focus on.

For business leaders looking to drive their revenue harder, even if it is just an initial chat, I'd strongly recommend reaching out to find out how Antony can impact your business.

Jim Fell - CEO & CoFounder at Credit Canary

Working With the Best Partners and Clients